A Short Note on Grey Cast Iron and its Applications

A Short Note on Grey Cast Iron and its Applications

When it comes to the tensile strength of grey cast iron, toughness and plastic are lower compared to the cast steel, though it has a significant compressive strength like that of cast steel. Cast iron is also generally used in materials having the worst mechanical properties, while the matrix of mechanical properties of grey iron also exhibits some effect, iron graphite sheets thick, the ferrite matrix of grey cast iron graphite sheets thick, hardness and strength of the minimum, it is generally employed for gas stove parts and other low requirements depending upon the tensile strength. If you take Pearlite matrix of grey cast iron, it contains small graphite, higher hardness and strength, and is considered an important casting material for more important requirements.

The graphite cast iron piece’s Ferrite pearlite matrix is thicker compared to pearlitic grey cast iron; therefore, it exhibits worse performance compared to pearlitic grey cast iron. Thus, there is a great demand for pearlite matrix of grey cast iron in the industry.

Here are some of the features of Grey Cast Iron:
Grey Cast Iron has great casting characteristics, excellent vibration damping, low snatch sensitivity and excellent machinability.

Grey Cast Iron is suitable for small loads as there is no friction and wear and tear and goes into the manufacture of cover, protective cover, hand wheels, oil pan, floor, frame, small handle, hammer, etc.  They are great for a moderate load of castings include the box, frame, base, bed, knife, table, bearing seat, pump, cover, wheels, pipe, valve, motor blocks, flywheel and other applications.

Grey Cast Iron can withstand heavy loads and a certain degree of corrosion resistance or degree of tightness of the more vital castings including gear, cylinder, flywheels, base, cylinder block,  bed, piston, cylinder liner, brake wheel, gearbox, medium pressure valve, coupling plate, etc.

Under high air tightness, wear and high loads, it finds application in important castings include shears, automatic lathe bed, heavy machine tools, high-pressure hydraulic parts, frame, force larger gear, piston rings, bushings, cams, cylinder block, large engine crankshaft, cylinder head, cylinder liner, etc.