Advantages and disadvantages of cast steel

Advantages and disadvantages of cast steel

The most important advantage of cast steel is design flexibility. The designer of casting parts has all the freedom to design choices. This, for itself, accommodates complex crosssection parts and shapes.

Cast steel comes with the flexibility in terms of strongest variability and metallurgy manufacturing. One can select a varied chemical content and control which suits changing needs of diverse projects. This provides various choices of heat treatment in the wider context of the mechanical performance and properties of the cast steel. It also offers excellent workability and weldability.

Cast steel is a form of isotropic material which can be integrated into the general steel casting’s structural strength. This can enhance the project’s reliability. In combination with the weight and design, the merits of the economy, price and short delivery time offer cast steel a slight competitive edge over other material types.  

Steel castings have a larger weight range. Lightweight type falls in the range of a few grams of molten mold precision steel castings. Large castings can weigh up to several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

Steel castings find extensive applications in different conditions. The mechanical properties of steel are greater compared to any types of casting alloys, in addition to a range of highalloy steel castings for special applications. One can consider pressure vessel castings as it can withstand dynamic load or tensile stress of components. In high or low temperatures, important and large part load key should hold priority over steel castings.

Cast steel, however, in comparison has bad wear resistance, mobility and shakesuction. Also, the performance of casting in comparison to cast iron is appreciably no better.  Over and above, steel castings have comparatively higher costs than regular cast iron.

Therefore, when it comes to cast iron vs. cast steel, which we’ve already seen in one of our previous blogs, whether you choose cast iron or cast steel, it should depend on their physical properties and application.