How to order a quote for your custom casting project? – Part 1

How to order a quote for your custom casting project? – Part 1

Here’s a straightforward approach to receiving an accurate cost and time estimate for your bespoke casting project. VR Foundries can deliver superior quality metal castings as per our customer’s specifications. We have the capability to understand your product’s goals, and then recommend the most optimal solution in terms of economy of material and production methods. 

To select the foundry that qualifies your project needs, it is important to check its expertise by weighing the following factors:

  • Metal type: The foundry should work with a range of materials including stainless steel, cast steel, aluminium, ductile iron and mild steel. 
  • Production steel: Any custom casting will involve production design and new tooling. Does the job order have any maximum units to legitimize the investment required?
  • Foundry expertise: The foundry in prospect should be capable of producing parts by investment, sand and die casting, in addition to fabrication and forging.  Further, it should be capable of processing parts through machining, heat treatment, powder coating and assembly.
  • Production time: Production runs for new parts usually run up to 2 years. Subsequent production runs would need considerably less time, mostly less than 14 weeks. For small shipment demands, the foundry should require less time.

Once you ascertain that the foundry has the right capability for managing your project, the next step is to collect the information you require to request a quote.

Bespoke or custom metal casting is a tricky process – the outcome of clear communication, and detailing from the early phases of design through to completion is the success of the project. We will discuss the information required to be considered in requesting a quote in the subsequent blog.