Iron Castings And True Capacity You Need To Outperform

Iron Castings And True Capacity You Need To Outperform

If you are looking for high-quality and ductile iron castings for different industry applications, then don’t look further than VR Foundries.

VR Foundries combines years of manufacturing expertise with the latest technologies in iron casting design, development, production and machining for transportation and customers in different industry verticals worldwide. We deliver a true capacity that is several times greater than volume.

It is our forte to upkeep promises so that no delivery deadline is missed out. We are well equipped with the last technological advancements. Our ability to contribute value and solve customer’s problem at every level of design and production is the secret recipe to our success. We leverage our value-added services to cut down turnaround time and cost, in addition to delivering only what’s required. We have global footprint to ensure high quality castings, develop efficiency and provide material and tech innovations.

VR Foundries translates best practices in durability, process controls and materials technology across different markets to produce quality raw and machined iron castings. We are leaders in innovating manufacturing technology supported by a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement from casting to core-making, thereby making us the best in the industry.

VR Foundries is one of the most  brands worldwide when it comes to high-grade grey iron, ductile iron, and iron castings in a spectrum of industries including: commercial vehicle, off-highway,  rail, oil & gas, automotive and many others.