Things to look for when choosing a foundry – Part 1

Things to look for when choosing a foundry – Part 1

If you are searching for a reliable casting supplier, the key is to choose the right foundry that guarantees the highest quality standards. There are many factors to look for such as technical capabilities, cost and turnaround times among others.  So, what are the things you should look for before selecting the right supplier? We will be taking you through the process in a two part series of this blog:

First, visit the foundry…
Once you’ve got your technical requirements right, it is important to visit the site, see the facilities first-hand and meet the team. At VR Foundries, we ask our prospective customers to come and visit our facilities and infrastructure and decide for themselves. We take you around our various casting processes in a detailed manner. We are often briefed by our potential customers on our quality processes in place, production process & operational efficiency, technology standards, turn-around times, delivery schedule, and safety management standards.

As a customer, it is important that you elicit as much information you want in order to make an informed decision.

Meet the team
The success of a casting project, as with any other industry, lies in the safe hands of a good team, its dedication, expertise and experience levels. It always pays to know about the experience and skill set of the casting team that you are going to work with.

Other considerations include training and development facilities of the foundry, whether the foundry has high or low staff turnover and the number of years that the company has been in business.

At VR Foundries, we have retained most of our engineering talents serving customers with their exceptional skill and flair, having trained them at our facility over the years.

Facilities and maintenance:
If people come first, facilities come next.
We have earned a reputation for steady investments in new machinery when required. We have a knowledgeable servicing team to avoid wear and damage of machinery parts. We carry out a routine maintenance schedule and check for calibration every now and then. We never source or sub-contract any of the casting works to another supplier whatsoever. If at all we sub-contract anything, we make a thorough assessment of the sub-contractor in consideration.

We will analyse more factors in the concluding part of the blog including QC and environmental considerations.