Things to look for when choosing a foundry – Part 2

Things to look for when choosing a foundry – Part 2

Let us continue from where we left from the previous blog. It is worthwhile to study the non-technical aspects, in addition to the various casting processes, for a thorough understanding of what goes into the selection process of a foundry. The concluding part of this blog will cover environmental considerations and quality process (QC) in detail:

Quality control and accreditation:
Quality control is an important stage in aluminium sand casting. Therefore, it is critical to understand how quality control is carried out by your prospective supplier. Nowadays, most foundries have a dedicated quality management team on-site that manage the QC process on a day-to-day basis.
Businesses that are into manufacturing safety-critical parts look for an ISO-9001 certified supplier as an important criterion. As we may know, this is a globally recognized quality management standard accredited to companies offering goods and services of the highest quality consistently.

The certification process, which is performed by an experienced, independent external audit team, entails a broad range of issues including COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), procurement, engineering processes, risk management and health and safety assessment. Most company websites display the ISO quality standard certification logo on their website or, if not, you can directly ask about it when you visit the foundry. VR Foundries is an ISO-9001 certified company following the best quality practices and business processes.

Environmental responsibility:
Selecting a supplier who is environmentally responsible is important. The potential supplier must operate in a sustainable way when dealing with hazardous chemicals and materials. Therefore, it is important to find out the processes involved in the management of hazardous wastes and recycling of scrap metal and materials. At VR foundries, we are committed to CSR and environmental issues through rain water harvesting, planting of trees and installation of 800Kv wind mill for clean energy.

We also collaborate closely with the local council to manage waste emissions, conforming to legislative requirements, effectively addressing any concerns from the local communities regularly. We ensure we’re a responsible business player. It is important the foundry you decide to go along with fulfill environmental responsibilities in a similar manner.

We believe these factors should help you make a sound decision about whether to work with a supplier or not.