What are the benefits of Shot Blasting?

What are the benefits of Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting nowadays is being applicable in almost every industry that employs foundry: metal, automotive, shipbuilding, railways and construction industries, etc. Shot blasting is Machine and Method also which is generally employed to clean, polish and strengthen the metal surface preparation.

These days shot blasting method has turned out to be an essential part of a metal building and steel structure companies. It offers two important advantages mentioned below:

  • Removal of all mill scale, rust and corrosion, thus removing moisture which gets trapped under these corrosion products.
  • Offers perfect surface finish for producing an effective and continuous bond between the steel surfaces.

There are a host of advantages of shot blasting from the removal of corrosion to surface preparation, in addition to being environmentally friendly. Here are some of the pros of the process of shot blasting:   

  • Corrosion removal: Shot blasting eliminates rust and corrosive materials from the metal surface.  Some of the corrosive builds are chemicals, rust, mill scale, chemicals stains, faded paint and heat treatment scale, etc
  • Surface preparation: Sandblasting is an excellent process to prepare a metal surface pre-coating or pre-painting, thus giving it a smooth finish
  • An improved bond between the protective coating and blasted surface
  • Improved blast pattern accuracy
  • Increased lifespan and durability of future coatings
  • Identifies surface defects
  • Environmental-friendly option for removing corrosion and surface preparation to coating or painting
  • No use of chemicals and acids with the only cleanup being physical pellets
  • Reduced maintenance cost and operation cost
  • No use of harsh chemicals and non-eco friendly substances
  • Increased rate of production, and broader abrasive selection  
  • A powerful vacuum sweeps away the dust; the shot blasting machine is built with a dust collection system