Why VR Foundries?

VR Foundries, based in one of India’s best industrial cities, Coimbatore, South India is an established manufacturer and supplier of Grey and SG (Ductile) Iron castings, with more than 40 years of solid experience in the casting manufacturing industry. Spearheaded by a fourth generation leadership of a successful entrepreneurial family with a long tradition in the manufacturing sector, we stand tall for our operational excellence, ably supported by a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

Customer satisfaction has remained our forte and will continue to be so. We cater to a wide spectrum of industrial verticals ranging from pump manufacturers to automobiles to textile and hydraulics.

Our excellent relationship with our clientele has enabled us to expand our customer base across the world and offer quality castings for our clients across the globe. VR Foundries manufactures, established in 1979, manufactures grey Iron, SG Iron (Ductile iron) Casting with weight ranging from 0.5kg to 300kg with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes and weight range of 0.5 kg to 50kg. Our facility integrates state-of-the-art high pressure automated moulding line. The production demand is met by 3-shifts operating round the clock.


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Tonnes per annum


Weight range

0.5 - 50 kg



Ranba Castings Limited, another key entity of VR Foundries group was formed in 1995. Manufacturing the same product line as that of VR Foundries, Ranba Castings Limited has an annual production capacity of 18,000 tonnes per annum with a weight range of 0.5kg to 300kg. Ranba Castings has been awarded the following ISO TS EMS Certificates: ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004, TS2015, EMS 14001 2017 and ISO2015.

Infrastructure Capabilities

A high-quality mould is the prime requisite of any high quality casting. This concept forms the base for all the investments we make. The moulds we produce are characterized by excellent surface finish and high level of dimensional accuracy

VR Foundries is a cut above the rest in terms of infrastructure having thorough moulding, melting, fettling, laboratory, quality assurance capabilities, in addition to a machine shop with unique abilities to solve the most difficult casting challenges in various verticals.

We undertake highly intricate or detailed castings easily and even complex self-cored castings. Patterns can be changed with any roduction loss. This helps to deliver products of all volumes without any compromise in productivity. We can deliver diverse product range for all our clients with the most economical solution.

Ranba Castings Limited has excellent infrastructure capabilities for green sand moulding process and resin process for moulding. The melting as well as fettling area is marked by outstanding infrastructure capabilities as well. The lab facilities are state-of-the-art and are continuously updated to match capabilities.


Quality is ingrained in each and every process across the development and production life cycle from raw material sourcing to training on the shop floor by adopting suitable practises. Raw materials sourced from a global supply chain attest consistent delivery. The entire process control method is well documented to ensure thorough quality standards of the highest levels. Optimised processes and use of state-of-the-art simulation software applications guarantee accuracy at the production stage and increased production capacity at optimal cost. Our castings can withstand any form of quality tests according to IS and B S Standards.

The right process is put into execution bringing together the best of engineering capabilities and resources. Another distinct value addition that VR Foundries brings to the table is a fully machined, finished product that otherwise need to be sourced and assembled from different components. Thus, client companies will not only have access to the entire suite of solutions, but can reduce administrative costs significantly. We manufacture all our patterns with a great level of precision and longer working performance and life.

One stop supply chain solution

Given the sheer volume of the castings produced by us, we offer end-to-end solutions for our global clients. This puts us in the league of some of the finest casting manufacturers in South India. We have positioned ourselves as a one-point source for all R & D solutions, casting design, patterning, casting production and finish machining, besides ancillary services. The all-inclusive concept to product facility makes us complete and convenient for our international clients to outsource all their casting needs to us, all at one go.


Grey Iron Castings are used where the castings do not have to withstand the high pressure of large/heavy loads; though it is excellent for dissipating heat and absorbing vibrations. Ductile Iron castings are extensively used in areas that require the casting to withstand heavy loads and high pressure, making it a preferred casting type for the automotive industry and a myriad of other industrial areas.

VR Foundries is capable of showcasing its full capability in advanced metallurgical processes at the international arena. There are several application areas that VR Foundries work in including textile, automobile, general engineering, pump manufacturers, tractors, and hydraulic industries.

VR Foundries with a state of the art automated line, produces 48,000 tonnes of Grey and SG(Ductile) iron castings per annum.