It is 2019; but what are the good foundry practices? – Part 2

It is 2019; but what are the good foundry practices? – Part 2

There are some more industry recommended practices that we follow at our casting foundry. The below mentioned methods adopted in various technical domains and aspects help us achieve appreciable cost-savings.

We have improved sand testing quality assurance. This is achieved by better control of sand systems that has reduced scrap considerably, resulting in higher mould quality. We have proven sand supplier testing capabilities. Our moulding practices over the years have improved in reducing things that could result in casting scrap.

Here, at VR Foundries, we stick to the methodology—“Melt cold, pour fast, pour hot”. This can considerably lower energy consumption of melting energy, while at the same time the quality of melt is enhanced thereby minimizing dis-functioning. We totally preheat ladles instead of melting at high temperature, and allow for high temperature drops during the process of transfer of metal.

Scrap Reduction:
Because we can identify scrap and determine its root cause in the right way,  analysis and reporting of scrap is made easy. We don’t group everything under the sun as ‘dirt’ for ‘slag’ or ‘sand’ as causing scrap.

Data Collection:
Our R & D is based on technically sound data. We focus on the utility of the data rather than tracking and collecting useless data. More importantly, we use it in the right manner as it gives a sense of direction to how our employees are going to use it for everyday tasks.

Proper lightning and good housekeeping lead to improved quality and better workplace. For example, good lightning in key inspection areas actually resulted in money savings.

Our advanced training skills help improve the productivity and skills of our employees. We help them maximize their internal as well as the external skills. That is why they are better problem solvers, besides being technically sound and competent.

This, though, can be elusive, more often, our costing is competitive in the market which has ensured success and profitability over the long haul.