What are the things to bear in mind when you’re dealing with cast iron suppliers?

What are the things to bear in mind when you’re dealing with cast iron suppliers?

Finding the right cast iron product supplier, which is also competitively priced, holds the key to the success of casting business. This blog highlights five key traits that will either make or break the relationship with cast iron suppliers.

  • Understanding the cast iron suppliers first:

    Do careful research on your potential supplier before talking to them. You need to monitor their credibility, reliability and performance in recent times. VR Foundry is known for its business ethics and integrity, a key trait which has made us a favourite among national and global customers. 
  • Negotiation with the cast iron suppliers:

    Negotiating with your suppliers doesn’t mean always grabbing the lowest price possible. You should equally focus on the highest quality goods and quick turnaround times. Only then you can strike the right chord between price and quality.

  • Think like a supplier:

    More often than not, you have to act as if you were in the supplier’s shoes. You need to project yourself as someone who is really capable of selling to the target industry. It is the credibility and trust that you will help you establish a rewarding partnership with the suppliers.

  • Communication holds the key:

    If there are any changes in the project timeline, the supplier should be notified accordingly – the sooner, the better. Your supplier should be capable to fix issues involving product delivery and material quality.  Therefore, communication is the key to dealing with your supplier effectively.
  • A relationship that stands the test of times:

    On a final note, a good relationship is a two-way street. Good business is all about forging the right relationship with the right supplier, communicating things promptly, completing payment on time, coordinating production schedule with them and fixing technical areas up front.

Following these 5 steps will put you in good stead when it comes to maintaining supplier relationship and exacting the benefits over the long haul.